Tuesday, August 16, 2011

36 Weeks!

Just a few more weeks to go (you hear me missy?  Mommy says stay in there)  and I feel pretty good at this point.  If I am on my feet too much during the day then I pay for it at night because my hips are barking but I am still sleeping pretty well too.  Baby is growing like she should ad has dropped within the past few weeks so I am running to the restroom every 20 minutes or so but won't start complaining now, it's just something that happens!

I spent a few hours refolding tiny baby clothes today and putting them in her dresser but we don't have the nursery done yet!  Just one more shopping trip to Babies R Us and we should have everything we need, no rush though, we still have time (I repeat this over and over to myself all day long)  I did start packing the hospital bag yesterday and just need to throw some last minute daily things in and we are set!

Just trying to soak up every minute I can with Isabell because I know things will never be the same around here in just a matter of time!  Learning to remain calm and patient . . . .

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