Sunday, July 24, 2011

Someone has a new room!

Isabell spent the week with my amazing sister Stephanie so we could work on her room!  Of course, it had to be the hottest week ever and we had so much work that had to be done outside!  The week started with cleaning out our spare room then the real work began!  Chris installed crown molding in her room and then we painted!  We got a beautiful armoire and bunk bed set from my parents that we sanded and stained and THAT TOOK FOREVER due to the humidity but we got everything done just in time for her to come home today.  The only thing that we didn't get checked off our "to do list" was purchasing new blinds for her room but that will be done within the next few days.  Wish us luck as tonight is her first night in her
new room and big girl bed!

Thank you Stephanie, Travis, Olivia & Alex, we couldn't have done this without your help!

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