Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garden at My Parents!

Having a garden is a TON of work!  I can't remember NOT having a garden growing up!  For the first time EVER . . my parents have an empty house, just Mom and Dad so they were thinking about having a smaller garden but we quickly changed their minds.  My family (3), along with my oldest sister Stephanie's family (4), my parents (2) and the Rickerd Clan (5) all put our heads together and came up with a game plan and after church on Sunday, the work began!  I think we all learned a little something about preparing the ground, where to put certain seeds, how deep to plant them and so much more!  Throughout the summer, we all will be taking care of the garden and when harvest time comes around, that's when the hard work begins but we will also make that fun too.  Mom is going to teach us about canning and we will also be freezing some vegetables too AND making homemade salsa which I can't wait for!!!  Let the fun begin!!!

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Karen said...

I love planting and harvesting (not so good with the weeding and watering). Gardening brings back fond memories and fun times with all my grandparents. Looks like you were all having fun. Always a lot more fun when doing it together!