Friday, June 10, 2011

. . and so it begins!

"Operation NO Paci" is once again in effect in the Anderson Household!  We tried it a few weeks ago but since she was cutting all 4 eye teeth, we decided to hold off.  Yesterday when Isabell and I returned home from grocery shopping I told Christopher that tonight was the night, so make plans to work outside in the garage for awhile!  When it was bedtime, she was given her Mimi (her blanket) and we kissed her goodnight.  She asked probably a million times for her paci and we reminded her that "paci's are for babies, you are a big girl" but that didn't really help much.  Did she cry?  NO . . she SCREAMED!  Did she fall right to sleep, NO . . it was after midnight when she finally passed out but she wasn't upset the entire time.  She was telling stories to her babies and probably saying some not so nice things about her Mommy and Daddy since we had just broken her heart but she slept all night long.  She is still in her room having quiet time right now but has yet to take a nap today (it's 5:17 pm) but she is doing quite well.  I hope and pray she does better tonight because it just breaks my heart to hear her cry for something she wants so bad!  Breaking her from the bottle was EASY, why is this so hard?

Night #2 NO PACI!
She cried for 2-3 minutes and is now snoring like a dog!
*took photo with phone camera, didn't want to wake Sleeping Beauty*

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