Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soaking in the Sun!

We spend most of our days outside!  After breakfast, I pack up drinks and snacks and head out back!  I feel like I am packing up to actually leave the house but if I need something to drink, it's not like I can or would say "You stay right here, Mommy will be right back"  I have learned that if we have water in the pool, she is in it, regardless of the water temperature and if she doesn't have her bathing suit on, she doesn't care!  This particular day, we started out in our bathing suits and ended up naked by the end of the day but we have a fenced in back yard, she wasn't bothering anyone!!

I hope you all are taking time to enjoy this beautiful weather!  The laundry that needs to be folded and put away won't go anywhere and neither will the sink full of dishes.  These precious little ones are growing up so fast, enjoy each and every moment you can because before we know it . . . . . . . we will be sending them off to school!

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TrinaMae said...

Love to look at that happy little face!!! thanks for sharing!!!