Sunday, May 22, 2011

Isabell is such a ham and has so many facial expressions (wonder who she gets that from?)  I can't believe she is 20 months old already!  Time is flying by so fast and it makes me so thankful to be at home with her.  Sure . . when Christopher has a day off and I get to have "Mommy Time" for a few hours, it is nice but I wouldn't trade my job as a wife and mommy for a million bucks!

  • she is wearing size 5 Huggies and is sitting on the potty a few times a day, no pressure, just practice!
  • her feet are a whoppin size 5 1/2
  • she wears 24 month tops and 18 month bottoms (built like her Daddy)
  • takes AT LEAST 2 naps a day
  • in bed NO LATER than 8 and when Daddy is at work, she sleeps until AT LEAST 9 but on his days off, she is up bright and early with him!
  • loves anything to do with water, swimming, bath time, drinking it!
  • knows what many animals say . . . yes . . . even a beaver!
  • talks NON-STOP and we understand about 95%
  • LOVES being outside!
  • drinks out of her big girl cup at meals but still a sippy during the day
  • always asking to color but if you ask her what color things are, she will ALWAYS tell you "PURPA" or "LELLOW"
  • is a dancing machine!  She will ask for "Beiber" until you play him over and over and over again!
  • her new thing is saying "SORRY" if she does something wrong or even when she doesn't!
  • if you cough in our house she will bless you and if you sneeze, you will also be blessed :-)
  • is going to be such a good big sister!  She loves rocking her babies, feeding them a bottle and she is very careful with them! 

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