Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Isabell wants you to meet someone!

This is Ben!

Ben LOVES kisses!

We need to be quiet because he is sleeping!

Ben likes to go for walks!

She talks to him and rocks him and even tries to feed him!

She has a few babies and loves them all but lately, it's been Ben and it makes my heart dance to watch her!  She will take him to her room and put him in her cradle (the one that was made for me when I was a wee one) and rock him.  She will take him for walks in her stroller from Aunt Stephanie.  She gives him her paci and shares her drinks with him too!  She tried to take a bath with him too, but she has enough toys in there for now! 

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j said...

this scene looks all too familiar...right down to the strands of beads all around her neck! so cute to watch our little ones come alive and mimic the big world around them in such loving and nurturing ways :)

(PS...I must admit, by the title of this post, I was thinking that you were going to introduce/announce an ultrasound photo of a possible little bro or sister for Isabell!)