Monday, December 13, 2010

Rewind a few days . . .

Friday night we headed to Clarkston to celebrate my Mother-In-Law's Birthday!! We ended up going to a wonderful steak house that was nice and loud! We are finding that it is hard to go out to dinner late because Isabell is in bed at 7:30 so a 7:00 dinner time is . . . . definitely trying! She did ok but when she hit that wall, THAT WAS IT! Isabell FINALLY got to meet her Great-Grandma Judy and Grandpa's brother, his wife and their 2 boys too! We hope to be able to spend more time with that side of the family more often!!

The boys played a few games before dinner

Getting some lovin from Great-Grandma Judy

Hanging out with Grandma!

Going for a walk with Grandma!

Flirting with Grandpa, like always!

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