Thursday, November 4, 2010


Isabell is working on 6 8 teeth right now and I must admit that teething isn't my favorite part of her growing up but I do know that she is the one in pain and it's ok if Mommy needs to hold her all day long to make the pain go away.  We had a rough few weeks with her waking up during the middle of the night and I know some of you are rolling your eyes reading this but when your baby sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG and then WHAM she doesn't, it is quite an adjustment period for a Mommy!  It has been a week of wonderful peaceful sleep (knock on wood) and I hope and pray that it continues.  She is once again drooling like a St. Bernard but she LOVES chewing on frozen bagels and I just introduced her to Orajel, why I didn't use it months ago is beyond me!  When we have those "Mommy, my mouth hurts" kind of days, we spend lots of time in the bathtub since she LOVES water!

Thank you Jesus for patience!


Rach said...

Her tat is too cute!

I've never experienced teething like I did with Andrew - he has actually bled (for his 1-yr molars), it was quite alarming when I first discovered it. We're up to 14 teeth already. Yikes!

Sounds like you've got some great ideas for soothing. Good work, Momma!

Karen said...

As always, love the pics! She has quite the hairdo going on in one of them!