Monday, October 4, 2010


When Isabell is taking 1 of her 3 naps a day, I try to get my Mommy chores done but this morning I just couldn't move.  I laid her down and she immediately fell asleep and I sat down in the rocking chair and couldn't move.  Not that I was going to wake her up by moving around but because I was in such awe of her.  She continues to be the light of our lives and her beauty amazes me. 
I am so in love with her!

I didn't get much accomplished this morning but that's ok.  The dishes aren't going to walk away and neither are the unfolded clothes but she is going to grow so quickly and I don't want to miss a thing!


TrinaMae said...

I have envy!!!! I would love to sit and watch owen sleep. They are so beautiful like that. And still.

Pam said...

I still sit and watch all the kids when they sleep. Such peace and innocence in those sleeping faces. Just melts your heart.
SO SO glad you get to visit Christopher!! We'll be praying all the details go smooth.

j said...

I love that you live and soak up every little moment with her. It's not an easy thing to do regardless, but especially hard to remember to do this when it's your first child. I love to see the joy that she brings you! (and let me just say I am a tad bit jealous of the 3 naps...mine only takes one nap, that is less than 2 hours...and once in a while i get lucky with a second nap).

Praying for strength for you and protection for your family. You all are loved!