Thursday, October 7, 2010

I told ya she will eat ANYTHING!

I made stir fry a few nights ago and she ate like I have been starving her.  I am so very thankful that at this point in her life, she isn't picky and I hope to keep it that way.  I was raised in a house where we ALWAYS sat at the table TOGETHER for dinner and you ate what was on your plate.  If you didn't like it, you didn't eat it but you didn't get something else and you sat at the table until you were excused to get up.  My parents did a great job raising 5 kids and I hope to be the same kind of parent that they are to me.




Karen said...

We had the same rules but when no one was watching I slipped my least favorite to the dog! (liver) ewwwwww Shhhhhh don't tell Gma Fillis! :)

Traveling Pants~Shannon K said...

Karen! I did the SAME thing with Gma Bessie !! I sat at the table for a good HOUR, for that darn liver that i wouldnt touch!! not sure how i got rid of it...shhhh...

allie said...

broccoli and peas?! awesome! i hope henry loves veggies too when he gets far there hasn't been anything he's disliked really, but i know how picky they can get (it's totally all in their head too!) the older they get. these are beautiful pictures, i love the colors.

thank you so so so much for the sweet comment you left me yesterday. i can't imagine doing it completely alone for five whole months, you are a strong mama! it was so good to hear that i am not alone and that the way i was feeling is totally normal. my mom mentioned MOPS to me a while back. she did it when we were younger too and absolutely loved it. i'm sure there are some in our area too, i think i'm going to look into that and other mom groups because whoa. it's crazy without other mama friends!