Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to someone very special to me and my family. This is Grandpa (PePa) and he is a VERY amazing man! He is suffering from Alzheimer's/Dementia and it is a horrible, horrible, horrible disease! Isabell and I spent a lot of time with my Parents and with Grandma (MeMa) and Grandpa (PePa) while Christopher was deployed and we still continue to travel to spend time with them and I am so thankful for the time that we had with all of them.  Over the past year, we have been loosing Grandpa (mentally) and it is so hard to understand why we have to have diseases like this in the world but we just enjoy each and every moment that we have with the ones that we love!  We don't know what tomorrow is going to bring so we try our best to laugh until we cry and give too many hugs!  Please keep them in your prayers, especially these next few days, I will post more soon!


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Maggie said...

Ahh! What sweet photos! My great grandma suffers from altimers (sp?) and it becomes very heart breaking to watch. I keep her in my prayers though! I will PePa in my prayers.

I am new to your blog and following you. The photo you used on your header is way too cute! I love it! I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.