Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little green!

Isabell had her shot appointment yesterday morning and we arrived at 10 am.  The second we walked into the office she just looked at me like "are you kidding me, we are back here"  I reminded her that shots are like Mommy and Daddy, they protect you as best as they can.  After I stripped her pants off and sang her a few songs the nurse walked in and very gently (is that even possible?) gave her 3 shots in 1 thigh and 2 in the other.  The tears that shed from her eyes were HUMONGOUS but they only lasted a few moments.  She got to pick out a sticker and we headed home.  I was going to run some errands but I wanted her to take a break for awhile.

Once we got home I got her some juice in her favorite sippy and we sat on the couch.  A few minutes later she looked up at me and I knew something was wrong . . . THAT'S WHEN IT HIT!  We BOTH turned GREEN!
We spent the day yesterday sick as dogs, NOTHING stayed down and we were a hot mess!  I slept on the floor right next to her bed because I was worried about her vomiting in her sleep but I knew when it was going to happen so I quickly picked her up, she took care of business and fell back to sleep, like it didn't even hit her.  I couldn't even hold my baby and rock her all night long because movement and I just didn't mix very well. 

After the longest 24 hours of my life . . we are finally eating, drinking and even playing and enjoying life.  I was worried for awhile and I know I could have called a lot of people around here to help out but this house smelled like  . . . . . illness, big time!  I said a lot of prayers and tried to remain calm, I think I am actually starting to figure out this Mommy thing!


Wendy said...

Bummer! Glad your feeling better. We had the flu here in August and it was horrible! Thought I was dying. :( Kids always seem to bounce back quickly though.

TrinaMae said...

I love your pictures. I just wanted to tell you that. Also your slide show is awesome and I love seeing the splash of red. It's touching to see the big manly man with a lady bug strapped to his chest.

Karen said...

Glad you are feeling better and you are a great mommy! :)

Mrs. B said...

And OF COURSE things like this ONLY happen when there is no Daddy/Husband to help out!