Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just one of those days.

We spent most of the day today cleaning and organizing things.  Isabell has been in a little funk today, not being a really bad girl, just being sad and I think it's because she knows Daddy won't be home for a really long time!  We read quite a few books and played with her new toys then she just crawled over and sat on my lap.  We laid on the couch for awhile singing then I looked down and she was OUT!  She looks so peaceful when she sleeps even when she is snoring (just like Daddy)  PLEASE don't grow up too much these next 2 months baby girl . . . PLEASE!
She IS learning what her time out chair is though.  I know she is only 1 but it's not like I make her sit there for an hour, it just takes her away from her toys so she knows that she did something she wasn't supposed to.  She can reach the buttons on the tv (they are on the side) and she thinks its funny to turn it off and on!


kriznizzel said...

Your daughter is just beautiful

Pam said...

She is so sweet, even sleeping. I love to even look in at the big kids when they sleep. Pure innocence.
We're praying for you girls and Christopher too these next months.