Monday, September 13, 2010

It's someone's BIRTHDAY!

Daddy made her favorite breakfast!
Then we had to take a nap because we were going somewhere special!
She wakes up very slowly . . just like Mommy!
She thought everything was sooo cool!
With Mommy on her Birthday!
With Daddy on her Birthday
She was just watching all the animals and kept saying "WOW"
We had a FANTASTIC day!  Chris and I went to the zoo on our Anniversary so we knew we had to take her for her Birthday, she LOVES animals!  For all you Mommies out there, is my husband the only Daddy that insists on pushing the stroller?  He loves doing it! 

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Pam said...

The zoo is the best! And to answer your question, no, James always likes to push the stroller. Or, now that Evan is bigger he insists on putting Evan on his shoulders and pushing the strollers. I love Daddy's that love their kids.