Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 Months Old!

Last night was my trial run putting Bug to sleep in her own bed and I was scared outta my mind! She has been taking naps in her own room but sleeping at night in her moses basket in our bedroom. Before I know it, Daddy will be home and we will need "Mommy & Daddy Time" ALONE so I laid her down at 9'ish and woke her up at 7 this morning. I got up a few times to check on her and my body wasn't about to let me sleep for more than 4 hours straight anyways and she was snoring peacefully :-)

Since she is 2 months old today I thought about throwing her a party but wasn't going to do that without Daddy so I took her to get her very first diamonds!

* Marking the spot *

* I'm pretty sure she knew what was about to happen *

* MOMMY ? ? ? *

* And there it is, REAL tears *

* Man oh Man . . she was mad *

* Mommy kissed her *

* And made her all better *

* No clue what happened *

Some may say that I am a mean Mommy but I don't really care! We both LOVE diamonds so keep workin Daddy! She looks beautiful and I'm sure she has already forgiven me for the pain (that lasted about 2 minutes)


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

those big crocodile tears oh my !
but she looks adorable and yeap she wont even remember :)
chris your in trouble now, diamonds will be her favorites.
super cute kim :) !!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

by the way can i have her next weekend :) LOLOL i dont think i held her much last time :( i need my fix !!

Lauren B. said...

is she sleeping through the night? omg i'm SO jealous? any pointers??

Charity said...

Her little earrings are adorable! But then again, she makes THEM look good because she's so adorable! :)

j said...

Adorable. I love little baby girls and their pierced ears. We had Brooke's pieced at 6 months...little emeralds (her birth stone). She still wears them today and I think she doesn't quite look right without those green stones framing her face (I got so used to them on her). You'll be glad you got them done early...Brooke has never had a problem and never pulled or played with her earrings.

Our pediatrician will pierce Berlyn's but not till she is 4 months old. Where did you go to get them done? I didn't know they could be done so early in life? (Although I have a friend from Mexico who told me they pierce the baby girl's ears in the hospital after they are born...I know it is not harmful; I've just not heard of a place that'll do it so early here in the US)

And, are those real diamonds? I also didn't know you could pick out real ones for starter earrings. I thought you had to wait 6 weeks and then change them into real ones? Update me! I'm in the dark.

And one last thing...what a blessing that she is sleeping through the night! I'm so happy for you. The Lord is a great provider...and sleep is a great gift!

Blessed said...

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog! We call our little girl big to and she was a lady big for Christmas :)

How did you get her to slee so long! Please share we are having MAJOR sleeping issues ! LOL
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