Saturday, October 24, 2009

For the worried ones . . .

I have been asked about a million times why I keep disappearing and going to my parents so let me explain:


I know that a lot of women get depressed after having a baby and I'm not going to lie and say that I don't cry a lot and feel sad but my husband is in Iraq for heavens sake, I have every right to cry! I would like to thank those that have sent notes, flowers and emails but please don't worry about me falling into a deep depression, I've got this handled.

God has blessed us with an adorable, healthy baby and has blessed me with the ability to bounce back to my before baby stage and that's AMAZING!

I do go to my parent's quite often but our family is there! It's nice to get away from this house and see everyone because I want them to share in our joy of our new baby. Mom has helped me so much, keeping my head on straight and answering all those questions that no one warned you about and Dad . . he and I have this bond that will never fade. He stepped up and made a promise to Christopher to be the man that was needed when I gave birth and Isabell is so in love with her Papa! Since Grandpa and Grandma Rood are moving in, I have to be there to keep their hearts at peace and if you could see Grandpa with her, it's something that I just can't explain.

I hope this answers all those questions and calms the rumors because I don't need my husband worrying about us here, we are doing GREAT!

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Ace1599 said...

Chin up mama! And for what it's worth, you are way more "on straight" than I ever was, even to this date.

And quite frankly, I don't don't give a rat's hooey why you are going to your parent' long as it gets you 15 mins from my front door! YAY! I love it when you are so close to us!