Saturday, October 3, 2009

Date Night!

Isabell and I got to enjoy some precious time with Christopher tonight thanks to Skype! He talked to her for a long time and told her that he was taking her to go meet Mickey and Donald when he gets home! She stared at him and of course . . . fell asleep listening to his voice. He thought that he was boring to her but I explained to him that she hears his voice all the time and it is peaceful to her. He was with us for dinner, nap, hiccups, diaper changes AND smiles, we are so thankful for technology (even if it does freeze up sometimes)

He seems to be doing ok. Nights are getting longer since she arrived and sometimes it feels like the clock has stopped but he's pressing on and doing a great job.

Congratulations! TSgt Christopher Anderson for earning the “Defender of the Week” for his shift. TSgt Anderson will compete for the prestigious “447 ESFS DEFENDER OF THE MONTH” Leadership states that he has followed, mentored, and led, providing an excellent example for junior troops and NCO’s alike!

* Good job honey, keep up the good work *

Here are a few pictures to share:


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

so what is he pulling out of the ground ??

j said...

so i am totally crying over here as i read your "missing daddy" post. your daughter is beautiful...your words are honest and transparent and i can only imagine how much you must miss christopher (for so many reasons). i will be praying for you, and him, and your family. you seem like such a strong little lady! keep pressing on!