Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our "How to have a baby class"

My awesome Mother surprised me and came down this weekend to attend our doctors appointment on Friday which went great (we are measuring right on track and her heart rate was perfect) I also decided to attend a childbirth class and was glad to have a partner there. Mom and I have talked for many hours about what I would like to set for goals on giving birth, breastfeeding and other "New Mommy" things but knew that I had a TON of things to learn. I hadn't really thought about the labor process, was keeping that towards the back of my mind thinking that if I didn't really talk about it much that when the time came, it wouldn't be that hard but boy am I glad I went to this class. My number one goal for labor is focusing on relaxing so I am going to come up with different ways to maybe take the focus off of pain and put it somewhere else. I also have to just let go of the fact that I will not have control over what is happening, I can't say I won't do something because we just don't know what kind of entrance this baby girl is going to make and what is going to happen after she arrives. It's not up to me . . . God is in complete control (I just have to remind myself of that many, many times)

Here are a few pictures of our very long but informative day! (Honey, I know you wanted to be there so that's why I took the pictures)

Thanks Mom for going with me!!!

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