Monday, June 29, 2009

I think she's going to look like her Daddy!

Isabell is 3 pounds 3 ounces and is doing great! 29 weeks, 3 days and she is learning how to stretch and likes to do it right when I fall asleep. It's the most amazing feeling ever but I know that soon enough . . . it may hurt! Her mass has moved to the bottom of her left lung so it isn't pushing on her heart like it has been, PRAISE GOD! Hayley got to come to my appointment with Mom Caine and I wish I had a video camera with me. Hayley didn't say much, just sat right beside me and watched with a smile on her face, she got her first glimpse of her baby sister and even got to see Isabell yawn! Our goal is to keep her cooking for as long as possible and will know more about when she will have surgery after she takes her first breath. I feel great at this point and hope that our weekly appointments continue to bring us good news.

After we returned from my appointment, we got hit with a HUGE storm and lost power for over 2 days:
and I tried my best to keep a 15 year old occupied that always has her Ipod and phone attached to the hip but the batteries died and couldn't charge them! Chris started his new job so he's gone until about 3 pm daily but that's about the time she wakes up anyways! He was gone this weekend for drill so it was just us girls and we made the best of our very hot days!

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