Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Update!

Been a few days without a baby update so here ya go:

Went to our ultrasound appointment on Thursday (the 11th) and we were so thankful to get a tech that we have had before and REALLY like. Tonna takes her time to explain each and every detail to us and if we have a question, she will stop and explain in detail anything that we want to know. She was our first tech when we went there so she knew how to measure Isabell's mass THE CORRECT WAY! It appears to be larger than it was 2 weeks ago, but not as big as they thought last week. She also explained to us about the fluid near her heart. She said that it's like a golf ball in a water balloon, if something is pushing on the ball then it will APPEAR that there is more water on one side than the other. We are to NOT be alarmed at this point with the fluid, it is there and normal FOR NOW. Her heart rate was a little lower this week, but very normal for her age so once again, no alarms. Isabell weights in at 2 pounds 5 ounces so our baby girl is growing and is in the 75-90% for her age! She tried to get us another 3D/4D picture but it seemed that her cord was right near her face or her feet, that's right . . . she is folded right in half and seems to be very comfortable. I told her that she would have more room if she was laying vertical instead of horizontal but she won't have anything to do with that. I feel great at this point, a little nervous about something but I haven't figured out exactly what that is. We have a busy week ahead, appointment with her surgeons and ultrasound on Thursday, baby shower/going away party on Saturday, Father's Day on Sunday and Hayley will be here on Monday so I gotta get my wife duties done but will take lots of pics and continue the updates as they come.

Thank you all for your prayers, keep em coming!

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Pam said...

Sorry to miss the party :( I have something special for your little princess. I'll see Steph this week,(I hope) are you going to see her anytime soon?