Saturday, May 16, 2009

She was already playing peek-a-boo!

Yesterday was another long day sitting at doctor's offices but it was worth it. We found out that Isabell's mass has NOT grown in the last week so that is a very good thing . . . PRAISE GOD! We are finding out more and more information about her lungs each and every visit and sometimes it's VERY confusing to us so Christopher steps in and tells them to be black and white with us, no running around the bush! Our new OB has set up an appointment with our Pediatric Surgeon next month so we will be able to sit down with him so he can tell us exactly what he plans on doing, if surgery is needed on our little one. When he told us that, I kinda freaked out, why now would we meet with him? But we were told that they want us ready for worst case scenarios, so we are prepared and know who our baby is going to be passed off to. Each week we will continue our ultrasounds to check for fluid and every other week we will be meeting with our OB so we will be traveling a lot but we are going to do whatever we have to do to make sure she is getting the best care.

We also have to set up a hospital tour since I will no longer be delivering at Henry Ford :-( I was kinda bummed about that at first because I did a lot of research on the hospital and staff but they lack a neonatal intensive care unit and that is what we will need so now the research begins on Hutzel Women's Hospital and Children's Hospital of Michigan. Isabell will be cared for at Children's even if she doesn't require surgery, they have the best of the best there and the good thing about being at separate hospitals is that they have different names but are hooked together by a underground tunnel!

We will keep you posted as much as we can! Please continue to pray for healing and strength. She needs to stay in and cook for as long as possible!

* Here are her peek-a-boo pics, some of them you have to really look close but she loves having her picture taken (well . . .this week she did)

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