Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Precious Little One!

I think she has her Mommy's nose!

Pretty little feet! This is what I feel most of the time!!

Today we traveled back down to Hutzel Hospital in Detroit and we met with some very nice Dr's at the high risk Perinatiolody ultrasound clinic. We enjoyed watching Isabell for over 2 hours on the ultrasound as they measured each and every piece of her 1 pound 2 ounce body. She decided to lay on her tummy the ENTIRE time so they will need to redo her echo cardiogram in a few weeks but we will have WEEKLY ultrasounds from here on out to make sure that the mass isn't growing and causing hydrops (the buildup of fluid) They told us that they didn't find anything else on her scans that would make this fall under a genetic disorder so that was reassuring for us. We asked some questions about the growth and they aren't going to know for sure if it's growing or shrinking for a few weeks as they will be monitoring her lungs and heart at each visit. If hydrops does occur then I will not pass go and not collect $500, I will be admitted at that point so for now we will continue to pray for strength and healing. We asked about how many patients they have with this CCAM and they said it's about 1 in 2,000 and they think they had 4 cases last year and that Isabell is the 1st this year, guess she really wants to be a big deal huh! Will continue to update you as things are happening in our hectic household.

Thank you all for you support and continued prayers. . . keep it coming!

Love ~ The Anderson Clan


Anonymous said...

Is that a Schwab nose or what?? Hope it is not as crooked as Mommy's. She sure is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

seriously i was thinking the same thing :)

Charity said...

We'll continue to think of you and Isabell as she grows and gets ready to make her debut. Praying continued peace for you all!