Monday, May 5, 2008

Taking time to laugh!

Met Stephanie and Alex for breakfast last week and laughed the ENTIRE time! Alex is more than amazing! I had the privilege of being there for the first week of his life to help Stephanie and that was a bonding experience for me. I slept with him, took pictures and laughed while Steph and Trav gave him his first bath and even tried to do the cooking thing while I was there and I will always cherish that time I got to spend with him. Life is so busy sometimes but take some time to spend it with your family. Sure . . . Steph and I had to drive 1 hour each to get to breakfast but we took the time out of our busy schedules, just to unwind and talk and laugh. Wait till you see what I got for Liv. It was supposed to be a surprise but Alex had to try it on. Someday Steph will post them!

Thanks Steph!

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