Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tag from Steph!

what was I doing ten years ago?
I was just out of high school and causing all kinds of terror for my parents!

5 things on my "to-do" list...
* pack for the week at Mom and Dad's
* get my hair done
* get my feet and hands looking pretty
* pick up Hayley at the airport

snacks I enjoy

* corn nuts (THE RANCH ONES)
* popcorn
* baby carrots

five things i'd do if i were a billionaire...
* build a house on some property with a seperate building for my daycare and also enough room for Christopher to have a shooting range!
* get our parents as much money as they needed to pay off EVERYTHING and retire
* take my soon to be hubby to Israel
* pay off my siblings debt 100%
* buy my brother a boat that he won't decide to turn around and sell in a few months.

5 bad habits...
* I smoke but not much longer
* drink too much coffee
* I check my email, myspace and facebook a lot
* I listen to my music WAY TOO LOUD

places i've lived...
* Lyons, MI
* Lansing, MI
* Eaton Rapids, MI
* back to Lansing, MI
* Sterling Heights, MI
* Clinton Township, MI

five jobs i've had...
* top icecream scooper at Millers Ice Cream Parlor
* bagged groceries at Feldpausch
* Family Independance Agency, Welfare Fraud Department
* Rum Runners (it was just a phase)
* Ran 2 bussiness at once, All Star Lawn Care and Budget Tire Center
* Security Forces for the United States Air Force Baby!!!

who's next????
I tag... Melanie, Mom, Melissa

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