Sunday, May 13, 2007


Our Mothers came for the day on Friday and had an AWESOME time! Chris had to work so he didn't get to be with us all day so we did the girl thingy and went to the bridal store so they could see what I had in mind and they LOVED it, so the decision has been made! Y I P P I E for me. What a blessing it is to have 2 of the most awesome Mothers on this earth! Our Fathers haven't had the chance to meet yet because they both LOVE to work but when the time comes, I know that they will click right away. Can't wait! This pic is from the Cold Stone Ice Cream place. If you have one around you and you haven't been there, then check it out because they do everything custom. Whatever you want, they will mix it up for ya!


Pam said...

How cool that your other Mom is just as cool as Deb! I'm a little jealous. Enjoy your expanded family :)

Christopher & Kimberly said...

Oh I will for sure. My other mother lives about 25-30 minutes from here so it's nice they are close!